Can We Just Switch Things Up?

So, don’t hate me for this confusion, but I made a new blog and I like it better. I will elaborate on it, but I will be on it every day and I’d really appreciate it if you all went and followed it if you want to keep hearing from me! My username is chaotickat and the blog’s adress is Please check it out, ilysm.


My dearest apologies for being inconsistent…

Well Hello!

I would just like you to know–although I don’t know why I’d like you to know–that I’ll be going on a trip this coming Wednesday! Yay, celebration. Okay, anyway. The point of this post is to NOTIFY you. What for? MY PHOTOGRAPHY, that’s what! Yes, I vow to take many pictures and upload them to my blog for the enjoyment of any active followers I may have. c: I’d also really appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Pictures will range from high-quality to low-quality. They will differ in subject and style, as well. I’m really excited for this, though. Hoping to have a jolly time. Anybody else vacationing soon?


I’m Having Issues With This Weather


Being a teenager myself, I look forward to summer break as do many of my friends. Now I don’t know where you guys live, but in my area, we haven’t been having the greatest weather. When you think: Summer Break, synonyms like sunshine, rainbows, and ninety degree weather come to mind, yes? Look what we’re getting instead: tornado warnings and enough rain to flood a giant’s bathtub. Anyway, this isn’t necessarily a rant, I just find this ‘back-and-forth’ type weather interesting. One day it will be nice and sunny and the next day will result in scattered storms and gray skies. Anyway, what is the current weather in your area? Enjoyable? Horrible? 

The ‘I-don’t-have-a-life-phase’ (Apieceofadvice)

The I-don’t-have-a-life-phase.

Something we all experience, I’m sure. The real question is: how do we endure and conquer these negative feelings? First of all, lets think of friends. Whether you have one friend or twenty one friends, it shouldn’t matter. The fact that you have that person in your life is just enough. Be optimistic. Put yourself out there and build relationships. Rather than dwell on all that’s bad about your life, consider ways to make it better. Google can become your bestfriend. I’m not even kidding. Just hop on there and search up some DIY remedies for your problems. That or take a stroll on down to my blog! Now I’m new here and haven’t had the chance to post much so if you have any problems and need some advice, let me know! My next post might be geared toward you!